Cat's Eye

Cat's Eye

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Cat's Eye

Hardness 8.5 specific gravity 3.71-75

Refractive index 1.74-76 birefringence 0.008-10

Wear: excellent durability

Cat's eye is an important variety of chrysoberyl. Because it can present the "cat's eye effect", it is one of the precious gemstones and the only gemstone that can be directly called "cat's eye gem".

The composition of "golden green cat's eye" and "golden green gem" is the same. Because there are many very small parallel needle like inclusions or hollow tubes in the interior, after being cut into an arc-shaped gem, it can present a light band which changes with the angle of light, that is to say, it has "cat's eye effect".

The history of human understanding of opal

"Golden green cat's eye" is a kind of gem with a very long history. It has been recorded since the Roman era in the first century AD. Sri Lanka and India were the main producing areas at that time.

In the following centuries, this kind of gem seemed to be forgotten until 1879, when Duke Connaught, Queen Victoria's third son, presented a cat eye gem ring as an engagement ring to Louise Margaret, Princess of Prussia. Since then, the cat eye gem has once again entered people's vision and generated huge demand.

It is believed that the opal has a magic power that can protect the wearer from disease and poverty.

Origin of golden green cat eye

"Golden green cat's eye" is now most important in Sri Lanka and eastern India. Brazil, Myanmar and Madagascar also produce this gem.

Factors affecting the value of golden green cat's eyes

"Golden green cat eye" is a kind of emerald, so it also has the yellow green to brown body color of the emerald. The highest grade "golden green cat's eye" is called "honey colored cat's eye". It has honey like yellowish brown color and "EyeLiner" should be centered, straight and clear.


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