Chrysoberyl information


Hardness 8.5 specific gravity 3.71-3.75

Refractive index 1.74-1.76 birefringence 0.008-10

Wear: excellent durability

Chrysoberyl is a kind of gem used in ancient Greece. Its name "chrysoberyl" comes from "Chrysos" in Greek, which means "golden".

The chemical composition of "chrysolite" is "beryllium aluminum oxide" (BeAl2O4), the chromogenic element is "iron" (FE), and the color of common gem grade crystals is green, green and brown with yellow hue.

However, pure "chrysoberyl" is not a very valuable gem. What is really expensive and popular are two branches of "chrysoberyl" with special optical effect - "cat's" Eye) and Alexandrite, the former has the cat's eye effect due to the directional arrangement of fine inclusions, while the latter has the color change effect due to the presence of chromium (CR) and vanadium (V).

We will introduce the two branch gems in detail in the items of "opal" and "Alexandrite changed into stone".

Human understanding of chrysoberyl

Before the 18th century, "chrysolite" was always regarded as a kind of beryl, which was easily confused with "Peridot" and "tourmaline". It was not separated until the end of the 18th century.

From the 18th century to the 19th century, gems inlaid with "golden emeralds" were once popular in Portugal, Spain, Victorian England and other European countries, but now they are rare.

It is said that "golden Emerald" can cultivate the character of kindness, generosity, forgiveness and benevolence.

Formation and origin

"Chrysoberyl" occurs in pegmatite and high pressure metamorphic rock, and is often found in Placer in the form of water eroded crystal. It belongs to orthorhombic system. Common crystals include plate-like crystals, double crystals and "triple connected crystals" with "pseudo hexagonal habit".

Emeralds are produced in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar and Zimbabwe.

Factors affecting value

"Chrysoberyl" generally speaking, the better the clarity and the stronger the color, the higher the price, but ordinary chrysoberyl without special optical effect does not belong to the category of precious stones.

Wearing and preservation

"Chrysoberyl" is a very durable gem. Its hardness is 8.5, which is enough for daily wear. It can be washed in the jewelry cleaning solution. However, for the cat's Eye Chrysoberyl, it is necessary to avoid the jeweler's torch heating.


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