Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphire information

Pink Sapphire

Hardness 9 specific gravity 3.80-4.05

Refractive index 1.76-78 birefringence 0.008-9

Wear: excellent durability

Pink Sapphire is a variety of sapphire. It is pink because of its Cr content.

"Pink Sapphire" is a kind of "Sapphire" with a wide range of colors. It's rare to see "Pink Sapphire" with "positive pink". There is often a "purple" tone, so it's not easy to find a gem with beautiful colors.

Origin of Pink Sapphire

Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Madagascar all produce "Pink Sapphire". Myanmar's "Pink Sapphire" often has a strong fluorescence effect and is also the place with the highest unit price.

The difference between Pink Sapphire and ruby

Since both "Pink Sapphire" and "Ruby" are colored by "chromium" (CR), gem appraisal agencies have not yet reached an agreement on whether a gem is a "reddish pink sapphire" or a "light pink ruby". Therefore, some "Pink Sapphire" may also be classified as "Ruby".

About the sapphire of "papalacha"

The most famous of the "pink sapphires" is an orange pink gem called "padpadpadpadpadaradscha". This kind of sapphire has a pink tone in orange, also known as "lotus flower".

However, many of the commercially recognized "papalacha" sapphires are obtained by beryllium diffusion treatment. The untreated and beautiful "papalacha" is extremely rare.


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