Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamond information

Yellow Diamond

Hardness 10 specific gravity 3.52

Refractive index 2.42 diamond luster

Wear: avoid grease and impact

Yellow diamond is a diamond containing nitrogen element. When the Yellow saturation reaches the level of "fortune color" or above, it reaches the level of "yellow diamond".

Color grading of yellow diamond

The color diamonds such as "yellow diamond" are called "family color diamonds". In addition to the purity, weight and cutting classification of "white diamond", they also have independent color classification methods. According to the color saturation of "yellow diamond", they are divided into four grades: "family light yellow", "family yellow", "family intensity yellow" and "family vivid yellow".

The color level has a great influence on the value of "yellow diamond". For example, the price of single Carat Yellow Diamond at the level of "family vivid yellow" can reach more than three times of "family intensity yellow".

Cutting of yellow diamond

More than 0.5 carat "yellow diamonds" rarely use the common "round cutting" of "white diamonds", and more use the conservative elliptical cutting, water drop cutting, emerald cutting, redian cutting and so on. These cutting methods are also easier to show the color of "yellow diamonds".


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