Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire information

Yellow Sapphire

Hardness 9 specific gravity 3.80-4.05

Refractive index 1.76-78 birefringence 0.008-9

Wear: excellent durability

Yellow sapphire is a kind of sapphire. It has a yellow tone due to the trace element of iron. It is a relatively common "color sapphire".

"Yellow sapphire" has "corundum luster", and "yellow sapphire" with good cutting and grinding often has excellent fire color. In addition, it is an ideal yellow gem with more large particles.

Origin of yellow sapphire

"Yellow sapphire" is produced in almost all sapphire mines, the main producing area is Sri Lanka. The "yellow sapphire" produced in Sri Lanka usually emits apricot to orange fluorescence under long wave ultraviolet light.

Color grading of yellow sapphire

In business transactions, "yellow sapphire" has a simpler color rating than "yellow diamond". Generally speaking, there are only two grades: "yellow" and "vivid yellow".


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